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Prosperitas Issue 26

As we hurtle inevitably into another federal election campaign, various discussion points (of course mostly negative) continue to bombard us on a daily basis as we go about our busy lives. The newspaper headlines that tend to resonate will be the negative ones and it is sometimes hard to sort the fact from the fiction particularly when it comes to investment markets.

Prosperitas Issue 262019-05-03T14:03:39+10:00

Prosperitas Issue 24

s the Royal Commission rolls on with a seemingly endless list of scandals and the White House release an official letter bragging about the size of it’s ‘nuclear capabilities’, it can be difficult to separate the relevant and irrelevant noise as it pertains to investment markets.

Prosperitas Issue 242018-10-31T14:55:48+10:00

Prosperitas Issue 25

As we welcome the latest addition of the ‘Australian Prime Minister’ to our parliament and the bubbling tension that is the trade war continues to threaten between the United States and China, you may be forgiven for thinking that the state of the world economy is a dire one.

Prosperitas Issue 252018-10-31T13:24:25+10:00

Prosperitas Issue 23

The person who points the way forward and then confidently strides along the path is needed. This rare individual knows that which is common on both sides of politics is far greater than that which divides us. Presently, these common values are too often dismissed and perhaps conveniently overlooked while prodding for weakness across the political divide assumes greater importance.

Prosperitas Issue 232017-10-27T12:56:32+10:00

Prosperitas Issue 21

In a period of constricted corporate growth and therefore lower tax revenue, we are all screaming for maximum parliamentary efficiency to ensure that every dollar is applied in a purposeful manner. We will keep our collective fingers crossed.

Prosperitas Issue 212016-08-26T17:23:44+10:00

Prosperitas Issue 18

As we near the end of the cricket season which was surprisingly successful, we also have the opportunity to review a reporting season for businesses in Australia. As with the cricket season, the reporting season has been a fruitful one with a majority of companies exceeding expectations.

Prosperitas Issue 182014-06-27T15:15:02+10:00

Rio Tinto Limited (RIO)

Rio Tinto Limited (RIO) is one of the world's largest international mining groups, involved in every stage of metal and mineral production, producing aluminium, copper, diamonds, coal, ore, uranium, gold and industrial minerals (borates, titanium dioxide, salt, talc, zircon).

Rio Tinto Limited (RIO)2013-10-15T22:01:43+10:00

QBE Insurance Limited

QBE Insurance Group Limited is an insurance company which underwrites most forms of commercial and industrial insurance policies, as well as individual policies.

QBE Insurance Limited2013-10-15T21:49:06+10:00

Ausbil Active Equity Fund

The Ausbil Active Equity Fund was added to Planning Partners recommended list in 2005 following the designation of an A rating by our preferred Research House, Van Eyk.

Ausbil Active Equity Fund2013-10-15T21:47:31+10:00